Drafting of Wills

Protect your loved ones and draft your will with Ferguson Rose Solicitors

We all need a Will even if we think we do not have a lot of money to leave to anyone.

If you already do have a Will, it is advisable to consider updating it every couple of years especially if your circumstances have changed since your Will was prepared. You may have married, had children or divorced since your Will was prepared.

With life being so uncertain, it is advisable that everyone puts their affairs into good order for the sake of their surviving relatives. No one likes to think about dying but if you love your loved ones then you should think of what will happen to your estate if you are no more.

Having a Will is very essential and is ensures that your wishes are upheld and people who you want to, benefit your estate when you die. If you die without leaving a Will the impact on your family could be serious. The law will dictate who benefits from your estate and how much they will benefit.

A Will enables you to take steps to minimise the impact of tax on the next generation.
It is advisable to ask a specialist to prepare your Will. So often we see Will?s that have been prepared which unfortunately are rendered invalid because certain legal requirements were not adhered to when the Will was being prepared. In most of those cases, it was too late to alter the Will because the person whose Will it was had passed away. In those situations, the estate is left without a Will and the law will dictate how the estate should be divided.

We are very experienced Will Drafters. We will explain to you what you should think of when making your Will. We will also advice you on how to go about registering you will with Certainty-The National Will Register.

Our charges for Will drafting are very reasonable.